RE: VT HB 89 - This is an amendment that updates the leg to include pregnancy care. It does not, in itself, create a sanctuary state for child sex changes. That qualification in the email was misleading, so wanted to point that out. Vermont is already operating as a sanctuary state for gender-affirming care.

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. Fear is the tool of tyranny. None of the vaccines are effective. The HPV has no guarantee in 40 years your kids not going to get cancer and at worst near term your child could be paralyzed. Man-made promises are fake.. As the population gets sicker, from these injections there will be less joy.

My family member has a child that at 6 months got recurrent seizures and remains paralyzed at 14years. Their family life is hell. The technocrats are allowing full-term abortion and euthanasia because they anticipate the need due to increased body burden of toxicity. Technocrats add to your toxicity and sell you their "solution' their recipe of control. Wake up, reject fear, trust your body.

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We passed a law last year that banned the HPV and Covid vaccine from being added to the childhood schedule and required for school.

SB1221 was initially a very bad bill which allowed for a 3rd party non-profit to receive and track personal health and vaccination information. Senator Shope (R) keeps recycling this bill each year and we made sure to shut him down again. He is the chair of the HHS committee and Pharma is in his pockets.


Since that bill died, they ended up bringing the bill # back as a striker which allowed for DPS to gather personal information on an incapacitated or deceased person without consent. We killed that one too.


I see now that the HPV info is only incorrect in the photo.

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