Mar 20 • 1HR 19M

The Unity Project’s What’s UP? Podcast with former Levi’s Brand President Jennifer Sey

How “woke” corporate culture punishes critical thinking and free thought

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The Unity Project
We are parents, we are doctors, we are first responders, teachers and concerned citizens who have found ourselves at a crossroads. We see our freedoms being stripped away, and we can no longer stay silent. We are millions strong, united in a thundering voice and imperative mission that cannot, and will not, be ignored We are standing up for the basic human right to raise our own children, earn a living, and make our own medical decisions without the tyrannical overreach that has been forced upon us here in California, across the country and around the world. We are here to amplify the voices moving the needle, bring forth truth, and provide education and resources with tangible tools and expert insights. We are The Unity Project, and this is our podcast.
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On this episode, Laura sits down with former Levi’s Brand President Jennifer Sey who has been an outspoken advocate for children’s health and safety for decades, after exposing abuse throughout her adolescent gymnastics career. While personally speaking out against school closures in 2020, Levi’s executives caved to pressure from a handful of employees who disagreed with Jennifer’s position and terminated her after 20 years with the company. She has become a prominent voice in the freedom movement and continues to fight for children and a parent’s right to protect them. 

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